Giah Essence Agro-Industry & Phytopharm Company, with Managing Director of Dr. Mohammad Hadi Soleimani (Pharm.D, With an experience of over 30 years in the production and processing of medicinal plants in Iran), as one of the pioneers on the industry of herbal products and medicinal plants in Iran, located in Tooskestan region of Golestan Province- Gorgan (South of Caspian sea) in 1990 year with the aim of producing medicinal plants and herbal medicines was established.

Over 27 of Pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial plant and some for the first time has become endemic and cultivated by Giah Essence Phytopharm Company in Golestan province of Iran. During this time, cultivation methods was optimized and cultivated area was increased.

At first, our main activity was to cultivate medicinal plants and to produce Bulk Products such as Natural essential oils and Herbal extract & Pharmaceuticals oils, thereafter herbal products including spray, drops, tablets, capsules, topical solution (gels, creams and lotions), ointments, syrup and toothpaste, also Veterinary herbal medicines; that have been standardized basis on Pharmacopoeiaes of USP, BP, EuPh. So we proud of producing about 37 kinds of pure and natural essential oils, 56 kinds of herbal extracts and  more than 15 kinds of pure oils & seed oils (Wheat germ oil, Evening primrose oil, Rose hip oil, Almond oil and etc.). All products of the company  have been licensed from Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic and VPHO of Iran.

According to the type of diverse active ingredients in different plants, the process of extraction is done by  quite specific methods. The extracts are prepared with adequate concentrations and offered in a compatible form , as hydro-alcoholic, hydro-glycolic, hydro-glycerinic and oily base extract.

Since we apply these raw materials ourselves in our pharmaceutical and cosmetic products,  we are aware of all your concerns about raw materials used in your products, so we offer these materials in high quality, compatible, effective and harmless , conformable according  to consumer request.

Knowledge-based Giah Essence Agro-Industry & Phytopharm Company put our work epigraph with respect to optimal production principles, maintain of product quality in according to international standards and under the supervision of qualified persons.

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